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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just a little bit of red ...

just a little bit of red far away the street


may you think the underwear very sex,but i like it the best.not the undrewear, just the idea very good!!

why i put this pp?all this picture just a little bit of red ,i find them from a website flickr, after i saw these picuures, i pay more attention in my life. maybe just a little thing,but i feel the world very colour!!do U think so?


Mike M said...

I like the way you tell a story with pictures

silvia said...

I'am comeing now!!

sddwx said...

big boss says: I'am comeing now!!
well done!

Mike M said...

I added you to my blog

YOYO said...

mike m, thank you for adding my blog,i must work hard from now on!!

Mike M said...

Red is the color of love. I love these pictures. It nice to see them every time I visit your blog.

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