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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Easy to remember words

A is art, art is long, but life is short.
B is beauty, beauty is only skin deep.
C is children; children and fools never tell lives.
D is danger; danger is the neighbor of safety.
E is experienced, experienced is the best teacher.
F is fact, fact speak louder than word.
G is gold, gold can’t buy everything.
H is honor; honor and profit can’t lie together.
I is industry, industry is the parent so success.
J is judge; judge is not according to appearance.
K is knowledge, knowledge is power.
L is love; love can not be sold and bought.
M is man; man is the king of the world.
N is nature, nature is mirror of human’s mind.
O is offense; offense is the best, defense.
P is patient, patient can ease pain.
Q is quality, quality matters more than quantity.
R is Rome, Rome is mot built in one day!
S is speech; speech is the picture of mind!
T is time; time &tide wait for no man.
U is unite, united we stand, divided we fall.
V is virtue; virtue is a jewel of great price.
W is wisdom, wisdom is better than gold &silver.
Y is years, years bring wisdom.
Z is zero; zero is the fist beginning of everything.
X is X, X is unknown.


Mike M said...

This is very impressive. You laid out a road map for life that we should all they to follow.

Great Job!

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